What not to buy – Vacuum cleaner – Russell Hobbs Hepa Cyclonic 1800

I wouldn’t normally review something as boring as a vacuum cleaner, but I just thought I’d put out a word of warning to stop anyone else wasting money on this particular item.

I recently purchased a Russell Hobbs Hepa Cyclonic 1800 vacuum cleaner. We were in need of a new vacuum and this one was on a special offer price making it appear to be a very good price.

When first plugged it and turned on the vacuum sucked well, but then after a short period of time it just well “sucked”! The suction just wasn’t there meaning that it had to be emptied extremely frequently.

Secondly there was a large handle on the vacuum cleaner, but it wasn’t to pick it up by. Using the large handle lifted the storage cylinder out of the cleaner. There was a smaller less obvious handle to pick up the vaccum cleaner but the wrong handle was grabbed about 80% of the time.

The real problem was that it broke not long after we had bought the cleaner. The plastic clip used to empty the bag was very delicate and broke very easily. We had already binned the box and receipt so we threw the cleaner out.

On the plus side, the reason we had bought a new vacuum cleaner was because the brush on our old vacuum was broken and we needed to replace it. Ordering a replacement brush would cost almost as much as buying a new vacum. Fortunately the brush from the Hepa Cyclonic 1800 fitted perfectly, so we kept the brush and threw away the rest of the cleaner.

We are now back to using our old vacuum cleaner which is a Panasonic E-380. It is years old, but still going strong. It requires bags, but the suction is so much better and it does not need emptying anywhere nearly as often.