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Updating Wikipedia – Linux Professional Institute (LPI)

Wikipedia LogoI have made my first major edit of the Wikipedia community created encyclopedia. The site is a wiki, which means that anyone can contribute to it.

I have already made edits in the past, in particularly adding some statistics and making corrections to the St. John Ambulance Wikipedia entry. Making major changes to a page is very different.

The entry that I updated is for the Linux Professional Institute entry. The page existed before, but it was only a stub entry. This means that someone had created the page, but not added more than a token amount of information to get it started.

Making small changes to an existing area is fairly easy, but creating a large page is quite involved, and I had to read quite a bit on the editing guidelines before I could get started. Once you’ve taken the information in, then it’s not too difficult to get editing the entry, although I practised in a sandbox first, to get the hang of it.

The page could probably do with further editing, but at least it has a bit more information now. In the spirit of Wikipedia feel free to go ahead and improve on the entry I’ve created.