Unlawful UnSolicited Sales Phone Calls

Registering with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) makes it unlawful for sales companies to phone you to try and sell things to you. Despite this there are still lots of companies that try and call you despite that listing. I have received two such calls within the last 24 Hours. Whilst I have reported this to the TPS complaints service the callers refuse to give the address and telephone information for the company that they are calling from.
I am now going to name and shame all companies that call me to try unlawfully.

The first is UK Choice a mobile phone company. Other than the person at the end off the phone being called Tom I don’t have any more information on this caller. I asked the caller for their address and phone number, which he refused to give. He asked why I was asking for those details and when I said it was because I was registered with the TPS he hung up.

The second is from a company known as Direct Response, which is either based in, or has offices in Coventry. They provide burglar alarm systems / services. The person that called was called Ash and their phone number is 024 76239103.
I have tried to phone them back to get their address, but nobody answers the phone.

To stop these calls it needs more people to register and to make complaints against any companies that try and contact you. I also think that the government should make it so that they have to send their phone number when they make a phone call.

Register with the Telephone Preference Service

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