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The Apple Barn Restaurant (Evesham Country Park) – response to complaint

After my recent visit to the Apple Barn restaurant in the Evesham Country Park I emailed the restaurant complaining about the overcharging and the cost of the bibs on top of the price of the meal. I am pleased to say that they have responded very positively to my email.

They have apologised for the overcharging and have even followed my suggestion in making the bibs available for free to those purchasing a child’s meal.

This has helped a little in restoring my faith in customer services, but also a small victory for parents that will eat there in future.

I still feel that the baby meal is expensive, but at least without the extra cost of the bib it’s a significant improvement. So well done to the Apple Barn and thanks for listening.


Do you have any good or bad experience at Apple Barn restaurant. Please leave a comment.