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Thackray Museum – Medical Museum Leeds

Thackray Museum Empathy Belly
I recently visited the Thackray Museum with other members from Rugby St. John Ambulance. It is a medical museum on the site of St. James Hospital (Jimmy’s) in Leeds.
The museum charts the history of medicine from the late 19th century to the present day. Whilst there are some “glass case” exhibits most of the exhibits are interactive. It includes a example street from 19th Century Leeds complete with sights, sounds and smells. Acting out one of the characters you have to find the cause, and possible cures, before finding out what happened to the character. My character died 🙁
The museum also included lots of other areas such as the discovery of penecillin and immunisations, blood transfusions, and implants. The photograph above is of my 7 month pregnant wife and of me wearing an “empathy belly”, which was in the baby section.
The only dissapointment was in the last section which was an interactive play area about your own body. Whilst they were working last time I visited the museum (a few years ago), many were broken or had bits missing.
The museum is well worth a visit and is enjoyable as well as informative. Suitable for all, from young children right up to adults.
See: for more information.