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Statford Upon Avon – Filthy Car Park Lift

I went shopping today in Stratford Upon Avon today and was disgusted with the state of the car park. I parked in the multi story car park on Bridgeway. The car park is managed by Stratford On Avon district council.

After parking on the fourth floor I took the lift down and was appalled by the state of the lift. The lift had several cans and bottles of alcoholic drinks, and smelled of stale alcohol. As I had our baby daughter in a push chair I had no choice but to use the lift.

It was in the morning when I arrived, so I did think that maybe they were left the night before, however they had still not been cleaned up when I left this afternoon.

The car park is not cheap and with the amount of money they raise, they should easily have enough to cover the cost of a cleaner to check on the lifts once a day. It is disgusting to have to use such a filthy lift wherever you are, but in a town very much dependant upon the tourist trade this is even worse.

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