Stage & Screen 05

Currently most of my spare time is spent preparing for "Stage & Screen 05". This is a Variety Show produced by Warwickshire St. John Ambulance. It is going to be at Stratford-on-Avon Civic Hall on the 15th and 16th April 2005.
My primary involvment is as Graphics Architect, providing animated Graphics and Video which are being displayed via projectors at the side of the stage. I’ve done something similar before at the previous show in 2003, but for this show the animation is very different. During the last show a single projector was used, with only a few simple clips. The projector was blanked between the animations to hide the computer screen, which would have shown the next clip being selected. For this show animations / graphics have been produced for every aspect of the show and will be "transparently" selected without resorting to re-launching the application. At least that’s the plan, not wanting to tempt fate :-).
After the show (and when I get time after relaxing for a few days), I’ll post details of what was involved in producing animations for a theatrical production, using Flash MX 2004 (Professional). In the meanwhile you can find details of the show at: www.sja.org.uk/warwickshire/show/.