Raspberry Pi Pico on YouTube #Shorts

I’ve now created my first YouTube #Shorts.

It’s a quick demonstration of the Raspberry Pi Pico switching a large load through a darlington Transistor.

I’ve also created a standard video on the Raspberry Pi Pico and how to get started using MicroPython here:

This video is based around the Transistor switch and darlington driver video but I had already published that video before the Raspberry Pi Pico came out.

What are YouTube #Shorts

YouTube shorts are very short videos, created in portrait mode designed to be very short. Does that sound familiar? It’s essentially YouTube’s version of TikTok.
These are often raw footage videos. Some people may just want to create shorts, but in my case I think they may be useful to show simple clips of my projects to be followed up by full Videos or write-ups on my website.

It will be interesting to see how YouTube develops these further.

More YouTube Shorts

I’ve created a second short as a preview of my Raspberry Pi Pico Voltmeter project: