ComputersGeneralLinux – now updated to new LPI exam categories

The LPI practice exams on PenguinTutor are now fully updated to the current LPI exam guidelines.

The Linux Professional Institute updated the objectives in 2009. At the time I went through validating the questions on were still valid, but it looks like I didn’t make all the changes required.

Most of the questions are still correct, but some were under the wrong exam category.

In somecases it appears I have not moved the question to the appropriate exam or I’ve ended up with the question in both the new and old categories. This looks like it was just a human error when I worked my way through the questions. I’ve hopefully fixed it now and I’ve also taken the opportunity to add some new questions which I didn’t do before.

I’ve also used this opportunity to add a few more questions related to some of the objectives that did not have many questions before.

So hopefully the LPI practice exams are once again all up-to-date and relevant. Thanks to those that pointed out the errors and if you notice any issues please let me know using the email form.