New Linux Professional Institue (LPI 202) Practice Exam

LPI - Linux Professional Institute LogoI’ve created a new practice exam on the PenguinTutor LPI practice exams web site. The practice questions cover the 202 objectives towards level 2 certification. These are mainly network service based questions covering topics such as Apache web server, Sendmail, NIS, Network Security (including IPtables) etc.

I’ve not yet taken the exam myself (that’s tomorrow), so I’m not sure how close these are to the actual exam. When I took the LPI 201 exam I was surprised that they were a bit more wordy than the level 1 exams, so I’ve made some of these questions a bit more complicated.

I guess the main thing is that the questions gets you to be thinking in the right direction, and give some pointers about the areas to revise.

I’m actually taking the exam tomorrow, I hope that the real exam isn’t quite as difficult as the practice exam.

If you find any questions are wrong (perhaps the answer is out of sync with the radio list), please let me know by submitting the details to the PenguinTutor Forum.

The questions have been added (by coincidence) at the same time as the beta level 3 exams are happening at the LinuxWorld Expo in London, unfortunately due to personal and work circumstances I’m not able to attend this year.