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New Linux LPIC 102 Practice Certification Exam at PenguinTutor

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I have added a new practice exam / test to the PenguinTutor web site. This latest quiz is on LPI 102 objectives to add to the LPI 101 exam which was released a few weeks ago. The LPIC 102 exam includes the Linux Kernel; Linux Startup and Runlevels; Printing with Linux; Linux Documentation; Shell Scripting and Programming; Linux Administration and Linux Networking.

The Linux LPIC 101 and 102 practice exams.

I actually had the LPI 102 exam ready earlier than the LPI 101 exam. I had got them both ready before launching the site last month. One of the things I was concerned with was the performance of the site, particularly as this is a hosted server. I did have a bit of a problem when I sent details on an email discussion list, which overpowered the server for a short period of time. I think that this was because the list was a email forum, and so hit a large number of mailboxes simultaneously. Since then I’ve mentioned the site on some forums, but I don’t plan to republish it to the mailing list.

I hope to add more tutorials and exams in the future.