New House

We have now moved house, from Coventry to Redditch.

The move has gone OK – a few little things:

  • Removal firm turned up late
  • Removal firm worried that not everything would fit in lorrry
  • Last owners hadn’t moved out
  • Problem with getting furniture into house
  • Burglar Alarm went off
  • Boxes from floor to ceiling – made it impossible to get through
  • Finished unloading lorry quite late
  • Still no end in sight in the unpacking

And that doesn’t take into consideration the problems with the sale in the first place.

But other than that it went great!

We are now still in the process of unpacking and getting everything sorted, but once we are then I’ll get around to sending my new address out. Mail redirection will be on our old house, but not starting until later this week, so if you haven’t heard please write to my old address or email me and I’ll let you have our new details.

Our house is now much bigger than our last one, although I still don’t know where we are going to put everything. For a short while we even have a guest room, although like everywhere else that is full of boxes at the moment. Amelia wasn’t sure about the house at first, but now she’s been shown her new Wendy House, it seams to have grown on her. We have been in 3 days and still haven’t got our TV out yet and she hasn’t even noticed 🙂 .

Any old friends please get in touch.

Meanwhile I’m off to do some unpacking / a bit of DIY.

PS. My broadband won’t be reinstalled until next week. So my SJA forum web site is currently offline and my emails are not going to be answered on a regular basis.