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New Advanced First Aid Quiz on

As part of a refresh of the First Aid Quiz website I’ve been updating all the questions. I retired the medical gas quiz as I have not re-qualified in medical gasses this year and so do not consider myself qualified to keep the quiz accurate.

As a replacement, for those that find the regular first aid quiz too easy, I’ve created a new Advanced First Aid quiz. This is based on the 9th edition First Aid Manual (the same as the other quiz), but is intentionally hard and unforgiving. In fact on my first attempt I got 72%, and I wrote all the questions!

The quiz adds questions on basic anatomy / physiology and where referring to numbers asks for accurate figures based on those in the first aid manual. Some of the questions are even a bit sneaky to make it that little bit harder. The common theme is that all the answers are contained within the First Aid Manual.

The quiz consist of over 60 new questions added purely for the advanced quiz. It also has the ability to pull in questions form the regular first aid quiz giving a pool over over 150 possible questions. I have checked all the questions based on the First Aid Manual, but with so many questions there is always the possibility of a typo, or that it says and answer is wrong, but then says you selected the correct answer. If you spot any of these please let me know using the contact form.

This concludes the major updates as part of the refresh of the First Aid Quiz website. As with all websites I will continue to make some changes over time, but all the main changes that I planned for the main update are now complete.