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Loginfo – Apache Log Analysis Software – New Version

Report screen shotI’ve released a new version of LogInfo. The software provides simple log analysis of apache access and error log files. The software uses perl and php to extract just the information that is useful for webmasters such as which pages of their site are popular and where visitors are coming from. This should help the webmaster make changes to help direct more traffic to the site.

I’ve found it useful being able to see where my visitors are coming from and what they are interested in when they arrive at the site. That way I can focus on the things that are popular, and hence improve the site for most visitors.

It’s still at version 0.1.1, but it provides the information needed and has improved greatly since the last version. I am resisting going up to version 0.2 as I want to develop a xml based report system with more flexibility, but that will take a lot longer to develop. This version has focused more on improving the browser and OS detection and improving the reliability of the code.

New Features Include:

  • Better browser and OS detection
  • More Webbots identified
  • Reporting of Status Codes
  • Summaries ordered by relevance
  • Improved Error Reporting
  • Bug fixes / additional testing

The software is licensed under the GPL so is free to use with no payment needed.

More Information and download LogInfo Apache Log Analysis program for Linux / Unix