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Kingfisher FM – local radio for Redditch Worcestershire

Kingfisher FM is now broadcasting radio for Redditch and the local area. This is a 28 day RSL broadcast license in a bid towards a permanent broadcast license from Ofcom.

Kingfisher FM is on 87.7 FM and on the Internet at

I tried to find the radio station this morning after they started broadcasting, but my car radio was unable to detect the radio station. I also had the same problem on my way home from work, but after a few tries I was finally able to tune in. If you have a digital radio you may have similar problems. If you can manually tune the radio then select 87.7, if not (or you don’t know how) then try in different parts of Redditch and you should be able to tune in eventually.

Fortunately once I’d tuned the radio station in – and added it to my pre-set stations (on digital car radios this is normally done by hold down the button of choice for a few seconds) then I was able to receive the radio including in areas where the auto-tune did not work.

Reception varies around the Redditch area with some areas where the signal cannot be received. Unfortunately the signal is very faint at my home in Redditch, but I can listen to the station on my journey to and from work. This is comparable with other radio stations that can be received from transmitters outside of Redditch, although when they were broadcasting Radio Redditch had a slightly better signal at my home than Kingfisher FM does.

The radio also broadcasts over the Internet if you unable to receive it through FM radio.

I have only heard Kingfisher FM briefly today, so I’m not able to comment on it’s broadcasting, but they have already proved they are able to provide a useful service to the residents of Redditch during the snow earlier this year. When we had the snow Kingfisher FM used their website to provide information on school closures and other events cancelled due to the snow.

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