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HSE Health and Safety Guides – now available online

Recently I’ve been doing some research on Event Health and Safety. In the past that meant having to buy hard-copy documents from the HSE for the likes of “The Event Safety Guide” (Purple Guide) and The Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide). These are now available online which is much easier to view and refer to.

Some of these are special web friendly versions (such as the First Aid at Work and Essential of Health and Safety at work), but others are just scanned versions of the print edition (such as The Event Safety Guide and The Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds). The latter are quite poor quality due to the resolution that they are saved at to keep the file sizes lower. They are still weighty downloads at up to 6mb for the scanned documents.

Free Downloads

I think this is a great step providing these for free download. The important thing is that managers and organisers should be aware of how the workplace and events can be organised safely. Making these available for free removes a barrier to getting that information. I will be providing some training soon and it will also be useful to provide access to the information source on-line. Some of the larger documents are still available to buy as printed material, which is good as well as the print quality is better and the convenience of having a printed book can be very useful for those that need to refer to the documents on a regular basis.

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(1) The Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds does not appear to be available for download on the HSE website, but is instead on the Department for Culture, Media and Sport website.