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Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year to all my family, friends and visitors to my websites.

Looking back at last years resolutions I think I did quite well.

The first was to use the Wii Fit more and get fitter. Well I certainly achieved that one!
Although the Wii Fit turned out to be a very small part of my diet and fitness plan – I lost over 5 stone and became so much fitter than I have been in the past using a combination of diet, exercise and weight-loss pills. The challenge for this year is to keep the weight off and make this into a permanent change.
I know I have already put on quite a bit of weight over Christmas (who doesn’t?), so I’ll be starting another diet again in January although this time I don’t need to lose so much and I’ll be doing this pill free. I believe that keeping my weight down is going to be a long struggle, but hopefully this is something I can achieve.

My second resolution last year was to focus more on using more open source software. I think this one was perhaps an easy win as Linux and Open source software is now capable of replacing most of the proprietary software. Now that I have a Linux only Netbook almost all my personal/hobby computing is in Linux. The only time I regularly need to use Windows is at work which is due to company mandated operating system and software. Unfortunately my new iPOD Nano 5G does not work in Linux yet, but I am sure that is just a matter of time.

I hope to spend a bit of time revamping my websites again this year. My First Aid Quiz web site had some significant changes during the past year and has been completely restructured and is now completely powered by WordPress. I’ve also completely revamped the St John Ambulance members website which is long overdue, but I was hoping it would have been replaced by a new Intranet site by now, but that is still yet to surface.
During 2010 I’ll be focussing some of my attention on revamping Penguin Tutor (Linux / Certification) website as I’m not happy with its current structure.

Finally (and I’ve said this many times before) I need to get a better grip on my finances to counter my ever increasing outgoings.

It sounds like I have some challenges for next year, but I also aim to have a lot of fun times with my wife and my two children. It’s great watching our children grow up as Oliver learns to say new words and Amelia learns to write new words. They make me very proud and happy to be a father.