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Day out at Gullivers land

We visited Gullivers Land as part of a camping trip staying at the Gullivers Land Campsite near Milton Keynes. We also visited the Gullivers Splash Zone the day before and the Gullivers Dinosaur and Farm Park the following day.

Gullivers Land is a childrens theme park, designed for children aged between 2 and 13.

We have visited Gullivers Land before, the last time was in 2007 (Gullivers Land Theme park with toddler), but we have visited Gullivers Kingdom in Matlock Bath a little more recently. I visited with my daughter aged 7 (who was a toddler at the last visit) and on age 4.

There is a show at the start and end of each day, featuring Gully and Gilly Mouse. We arrived just after the park opened, so missed that show, but did see the show at the end of the day, which the kids enjoyed.

Gully and Gilly Mouse - Gullivers Land end of day show

As the theme park is designed for younger children even my 4 year old son was able to go on most of the rides, although he often had to be accompanied (gave me a chance to go on the rides as well). There are a few bigger rides, two of which my older daughter was unable to go on as although she met the minimum requirement she needed to be accompanied and I had nobody else to leave my son with. This wouldn’t have been a problem if my wife had been with us and there were still plenty of rides that she could go on and it didn’t spoil the day out at all.

Gullivers land - castle ride

There is a good selection of children’s rides and despite being during the school holidays (weekday) there were hardly any queues for the rides.

As well as the rides there is an indoor and outdoor play areas and various shows throughout the day. My son didn’t particularly like the Merlin Magic show (animatronic show), but we went to the Knight and Princess dress up session and the puppet show which were better for children that are easily frightened.

Princess carriage at Gullivers Land

Gullivers Land is reasonably priced, much cheaper than many of the adult Theme Parks and makes a great day out for young children.