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Day out at English Heritage, Wroxeter Roman City

Wroxeter Roman City, English Heritage

We visited Wroxeter Roman City to coincide with the Roman theme that my daughter had at school.

Wroxeter used to be one of the largest Roman cities in Britain, but was since left to decay and then abandoned. The wall in the picture above is one of the most significant parts remaining, but there are also the foundations of the Roman baths and market areas. It features in Simon Schama’s A History of Britain.

I didn’t really know much about the Roman culture before visiting and I certainly learned a lot from seeing the remains and the information boards.

Wroxeter Roman City, Roman Baths

There is also a small indoor museum and perhaps one of the biggest highlights was the reconstruction of the Roman Town House, which was undertaken in cooperation between English Heritage and Channel 4.

Roman Town House at Wroxeter Roman City

The replica Roman town house really gives a great insight into what it would may have been like for the Romans in a way that you don’t get from just looking at the remains of the original city.

There isn’t any cafe as such, although you can buy hot drinks and some snacks. There are some picnic tables inside the grounds which we used to eat our picnic lunch that we took with us.