Camping at Golden Sands Haven, Mablethorpe near Skegness

Golden Sands at Haven is at Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire, close to Skegness. We have visited the site before staying in a caravan when our first child was still a baby (earlier review Haven Golden Sand with a baby). This is the first time we have been camping there and we had a short 2 night holiday.

Camping at Mablethorpe - Haven Golden Sands

We travelled up after school and so it was quite late when we arrived (after 7pm). We were on holiday with my brother and his family and he had been able to collect the welcome pack in advance as the camping reception was closed when we arrived. This holiday was during the last week of the school holidays, but it was still very busy, with most of the camping areas almost full. There were only standard (non-electric) pitches left, but we got the pitch at an exceptionally good rate as there was an offer on at the time.

The camping area was not particularly good. There was what appeared to be an abandoned lorry on the site, bins were overflowing with litter being blown around the site, and the water point was very poorly designed resulting in flooded muddy ground around it. The shower block was reasonable during the day, but was inadequate for the size of the site and was very untidy and short of toilet paper etc. later in the evening.
Camping at Mablethorpe - Haven Golden Sands

The camping areas are a long way from the main swimming pools, entertainment area and shop. There is a small shop in the camping area, but we didn’t use that as it didn’t open until later in the day after we’d already been to the main shop.

Fortunately the rest of the site was much better and the swimming pools and entertainment are very good.

There are two pools one indoors and one outdoors (open during good weather). Both pools had a slide, the outdoor one being more appropriate for strong swimmers. The pool changing area was modern and in good condition, although the showers were not working when we visited.

The evening entertainment was very good; featuring one of the live acts we’d seen out our earlier trip to Butlins Bognor Regis and the usual kids entertainment featuring Bradley Bear, Roary the tiger, Anxious the elephant and friends. It is the children’s entertainment in particular that makes camping at Haven sites particularly good when holidaying with young children.

There is a Pizza and Fish & Chip takeaway and we were able to take that food into the entertainment area. There is also a pub restaurant which we went to for lunch before we travelled home.

There are some fair ground rides at the Haven site, but we instead went into Skegness and went to the funfair near the seafront.

Skegness funfair - train ride

We also spent some time on Mablethorpe beach, parking at one of the beach car parks a short distance from Mablethorpe. My son is a train fan so whilst the others continued to play on the beach I took him into Mablethorpe on the beach train.

Mablethorpe beach train

Just opposite the site is the Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary and there is also the Natureland Seal Sanctuary in Skegness although we didn’t have time to visit either of those during this short holiday.


Whilst a little disappointed by the state of the camping area the good quality entertainment and the swimming pools made up for that. This was an enjoyable holiday and a site I’d consider going back to. The fact that we were able to get such a good rate when we visited was particularly good.

The site is well located with a great beach nearby and lots to do in Mablethorpe and Skegness.