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Book Review: Apache Server 2.0 The Complete Reference

Book Review:

  • Title: Apache Server 2.0 The Complete Reference
  • Author: Ryan Bloom
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Osbourne
  • Date: 2002
  • ISBN: 0-07-222344-8

This is described as a complete resource for installing, configuring, adminstering and securing the Apache 2.0 server. It is written by Ryan Bloom who has been actively involved in creating the apache 2 server.

The book starts with an overview of Apache, then compiling and installing apache. It’s not until page 100 that we have a running web server. Whereas for most Linux / UNIX users installing apache is as simple as ticking a box during the install, apt-get install the package, or installing an RPM. Although it does mention downloading pre-compiled binaries it uses the example of a tarball from apache, although most people would normally use a package specifically created for their Linux / UNIX distribution rather then a generic binary.

The book then discusses modules. Although some of this will be relevant to administrators, particularly those compiling the server themselves, much of the information is only of use to those wanting to develop their own modules. Even then the information doesn’t go far enough to allow you to write your own module, so it has only limited use to anyone.

Finally at page 186 we start on the configuration of the apache configuration files, and the book becomes relevant to those setting up their own web server. This is where the book starts to shine. It provides a good explanation of the features and includes examples of where it would be used. From this point in it is a good reference book with the right information needed for anyone configuring an Apache web server.

A very good book, although it take some time to get going, and appears to be padded out somewhat. It would have been possible to cut out a lot of the information and still have everything for most web server administrators in a considerably smaller book.