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Alli – buying Alli weight loss pills from an online pharmacy

I lost a further 3 lbs this week on the Alli diet.

I originally bought Alli through a high-street Boots pharmacy, but since then I’ve bought my subsequent tablets through different routes depending upon which was most convenient at the time.

Boots in-store was the strictest which required me to pay to use their weighing-scales before they would sell it to me, they did the same on a repeat visit not just the original purchase. I also bought some from a supermarket pharmacy which just asked me what my current BMI was and then sold them to me. I have now bought my recent box of weight loss pills from an online pharmacy.

To find the online pharmacy I searched Google and found a reputable company from the ads. I did not want to go with a company I had not heard of because I get an awful lot of spam from the less reputable pharmacies on the web.

To order online I had to fill in a form with my details (such as age, height, weight etc). The order went through straight away, but it stated that it was subject to check by a pharmacy and if the criteria was not met then they would not supply the tablets – fair enough.

I suspect there is an opportunity for abuse by someone that is not overweight pretending to be heavier than they actually. It would not be a good idea for someone that is already underweight to actually buy these. It could have some risk to a persons health if they were under the minimum weight. For those dangerously underweight then I suspect they would be eating very little fat in the first place, so would find these less effective and would be a waste of money as well as detrimental to their health.
The above are just my thoughts. It is irresponsible and potentially dangerous to lie in order to get pharmacy only drugs.

The delivery then arrived via delivery courier a few days after the order was placed. I was out, but fortunately they were left with a neighbour. Getting the delivery off the courier can sometimes be difficult if you are not normally at home during the day which is an issue with most online shopping.

The box was not marked as pharmacy related (although through my blog / twitter I’ve told the world that I’m taken them so I had no confidentiality concerns). I believe the price I paid on-line was the same as if I bought them from a high street pharmacy.

At the end of the day it comes down to which is easier, going to a local pharmacy or staying at home to receive the delivery.

I would still strongly recommend going to a normal pharmacy for an initial consultation. The consultation is free (except for the cost of using their weighing-scales) and they can give useful guidance when first starting on the Alli diet weight-loss plan.

More Information on my diet progress

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