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Adobe / Macromedia Flash based autocue program (actionscript)

Some time ago I created a very basic autocue program by manually adding text into a flash document. I had improved this by creating a Flash based autocue program that could load the lyrics from a separate text file. Since then I’ve now stopped development of the flash based autocue instead working on a autocue program written in Perl/Tk.

The main reasons for this are the flexibility available from a full programming language, rather than the more restricted actionscript, and the ability to run this natively on Linux, without needing the out-dated Flash Player for Linux.

Rather than throw the flash based autocue away, I’ve now made it available to download on the WatkissOnline Info Pages. Although I don’t plan to develop this any further it is available if anyone else would like to use it as it stands, or use it for the basis of an improved program.

The Perl/Tk version is still at it’s infancy, but even the very basic version that I’ve put together has proved to be much better. It was used at our last rehearsal and the singers also found it a great improvement.