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Firefox reaches 20% in europe

According to latest research 20% of european web users are now using the Firefox browser. This is now a significant percentage and sends out a strong message to those that write websites that don’t work with the standards compliant browser.
This will tally with some of the hits I get on my website, where one website has nearly 50% of visitors using Firefox, and the other has about 5%.

It’s obvious to anyone that uses Firefox why it has become so popular. Whilst Internet Explorer (IE) has hardly changed for several years, Firefox has added lots of new features including tabbed browsing and a faster, more secure browsing platform.

Before webmasters haven’t bothered to fix their websites, because the percentage of none IE users was so low. I hope that they can now see that turning away 20% of potential customers is a bad thing.

I can give a real example of a site where I’ve determined my shopping habits based on browser support, and I’m sure that there are lots of others that have done the same:

If browser compatibility is not top of your list when designing a website, then it certainly should be now.