Information and ebooks

The e-books are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have acrobat installed on your machine then you can download it for free.

No charge is made for these but please read the copyright information for each of the books you download.

AIX E-book

This is the first e-book I wrote back in early is on the IBM AIX operating system. The book was finished in 2004 and has been written based on AIX Version 4 which was still current at the time. I do not use AIX any-more so it will not be updated for AIX version 5.

Solaris Bookshelf

I also made a start on an e-book on the Sun Solaris operating system. This was split into 3 volumes to make the files easy to manage. The first book is complete, however the rest are marked as work in progress. As with AIX I do not use Solaris any-more so unfortunately I will not be able to complete or update these ebooks.

  1. Solaris User Guide
  2. Solaris System AdministratorGuide
  3. Solaris Networking Guide

Linux Information

I have a seperate website with lots of Linux and Unix related information. Visit for more Linux Information


  • Motivation – A Study of the Motivations for Members of a Volunteer Organisation